Care is delayed care is denied

Abhinay Singh Abhikalp
3 min readMay 12, 2021


Our constitutional philosophy argues, “justice is delayed, justice is denied". Same can be said about medical care. If medical care is not provided on time then it's like it was denied.

Timing is important in most of the situations in life. I thought, in all the political parties, the BJP will surely understand the importance of timing because in the 2014 general elections timing was the most crucial thing which led BJP to power. India was untouched by the 2008 global slowdown. This made Indian public take economic policies of mr. Singh as for granted.

Anna Hazare created a perfect setup against the UPA government. This made the UPA government look like a totally corrupt government.

Above all, the UPA government didn't provide any charismatic leader to a democracy which spends most of its time seeking liberators. This tendency gave way to mr. Narendra Modi.

Sky rocketing of the crude oil prices in international markets made it look like a complete policy failure and unrealistic claims and promises of mr. Modi made the Indian public believe that he is the liberator of the country for whom they were waiting for 70 years.

In my opinion timing was the most important factor which led mr. Modi to the PMO and that's why the handling of Covid crisis by the NDA government disappointed me a lot.

During the first wave of coronavirus I spent most of my time in Ghaziabad locked up in my flat. But in this second wave I am in my village. And the ground situations are better in some aspects and worse in others.

The fear of Covid is not that extreme and the family members who are not positive are not being treated as untouchables. Masks are being used at a satisfactory level though some improvements are necessary in that regard. People are using hand sanitizers.

But there are some things which are deeply disturbing.

For one, the test reports are being overly delayed. My own sample, along with three other males namely; Himanshu, Jitendra and Chandraprakash was collected on 28th april and after receiving our antigen test negative we got our RT-PCR positive on 6th of april. And in these 8 days all of us could have spread the virus at a great speed because we didn't have any symptoms so we thought that we were negative.

Secondly, the day we got the test results of my aunt's (Rekha) Covid test was the last day of my aunt. She expired on the same day after being confirmed as a Covid patient. And we have another similar case where the patient got Covid test results on the day of his death.

The ground situations are very grim. In our village (Bhadwan, jalaun) with the voting of 1600 the total death toll has reached double digits.

The panchayat elections have played an important role in worsening the situation. Because of the election, those who understood the seriousness of the situation were afraid of telling people with covid symptoms to live in isolation. The candidate was obliged to go door to door if he/she wanted to be elected and the voter was obliged to welcome every candidate who came to his door due to the fact that one of them will be the elected one and they will need good relations with him.

Overall, the candidate and the voter both knew that these elections were unnecessary in these situations and could have been avoided easily. And to a great extent most people have understood that they were all trew in this Covid crisis because of the power lust of BJP, because it wanted to win West Bengal and Assam.

Because of it's well known habit BJP put it's all power in winning the assembly elections and ignored the preparation for this pandemic. These panchayat elections have painted BJP in very negative colours. The chances are that this power lust and political apathy of the NDA government will cost it the 2022 assembly elections.



Abhinay Singh Abhikalp

Abhinay is a Delhi based independent journalist. writes poems and satire. Main domain is social, economic and political issues. Post-graduated from BHU.